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European Institute for Democracy (EID) is a Polish foundation established in 1998. The goal of EID is to support democratic changes in the world, particularly by transmitting the experience of Polish transformation.

Not affiliated to any political party, EID cooperates with political parties, state administration and local government of all levels including formations such as Border Guard and Police; as well as with women, youth organizations, independent journalists and other non governmental organizations and activists developing civil society form Poland and other countries.

EID programs enable transfer of the experience of Polish transformation to groups that seek their own solutions but want to use Polish lessons to make decisions leading to similar, peaceful transition.

In the past Poland received help from other countries supporting democratic efforts of Polish nation in difficult times when hope seemed to be the highest value. Later on, when the Poles regained the right to decide about their own lives and the future of their the country, international help was an assistance in the development of structures of democratic state and institutions of civil society.

Today, European Institute for Democracy together with other organizations and individuals want to help other countries, which haven’t achieved longed-for goal of individual freedom, democracy and sustainable socio-economical growth. This is a way EID wants to pay off the debt to history and international community.

For it’s activities EID receives grants and donations. EID financial partners in the past and present are: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI); British Embassy in Warsaw; British Embassy in Kyiv; Embassy of the United States of America in Warsaw, Freedom House, Westminster Foundation for Democracy; National Endowment for Democracy (NED).

Main goals of European Institute for Democracy are:

  • Supporting democratic changes in Poland and abroad with support and help of domestic and foreign experts.
  • Sharing knowledge, successes, failures and practical experience of Polish democratic transformation.

Strengthening democracy and presenting transformation from a satellite Soviet Union style country into free, democratic member state of the European Union and NATO can be achieved by execution of projects in Poland and abroad in three main areas:


  • Political party building & party development .
  • Election processes/ election monitoring.
  • Coalition building .
  • Strengthening of self-government .


  • Development of non governmental organizations and civic movements.
  • Women in public life: politics & NGOs. 
  • Youth – roles & responsibilities in civil society. 
  • Media in democratic country.
  • Minorities – ROMA community.


  • State institutions strengthening.
  • Supporting development of administration on national and regional levels.
  • Uniform services reform & development .

The EID believes that by providing individuals with knowledge, experience, information and skills, there is a chance to influence not only their personal life but also to make a difference in the future of their nations.